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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I feel good

I actually think I see a little more thin layer of fat that start to lay over my stomach again. Feeling a little terrified, I decided to run. And I thank God I did. I feel good. Like FINALLY.
Yesterday I did some resistance training. Today HIIT. I hope I can do more Cardio tonight though.
Can't wait to get back on track!
But the only problem now, is me controlling my diet. I find it REALLY HARD, to stop taking stuff like bread, and obviously, fattening food. I don't know if I can blame it on my period?

I must learn to slowly cut back down again. It's going to be difficult. But well, nobody said it was easy to start with.

Searching so hard to find ways, to resist temptation. How. How. Help.

Sometimes, I'm just saying sometimes, when I consume something bad for my body, I, puke it out. I don't stick my hand in my mouth or PURGE or anything, I swear. But its like, it comes out by itself? Maybe I just keep thinking about it, and it comes out naturally. I refuse to believe it's bulimia. Is it?
Maybe sometimes is a understatement. I'm ashamed.

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