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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Turning Pear to Apple?

Another thing I wanna mention is about body shape. I think I've said before that I have extremely fat legs- which is the first few posts I've ever posted of my body. So it's to say, I'm a pear. Right? Cause my arms aren't that fat, and my upper middle isn't that fat too. But ever since I lost a bit of weight, yep, my legs have been totally, out of proportion, comparing to my body. But recently, you guys know, I've gained quite a bit of weight, due to my stupid laziness. The thing is, I've been packing on my stomach. Like upper and lower stomach. And I am so sure, my legs are at its thinnest, my arms as well. But all the fat just go to my stomach! Gross. (and my face). So I am confused. again. Are my body genes changing? I'm a pear, on it's way to an apple?
Weird huh? And I'm so sad, I kinda lost my waist. I don't wanna go around looking like this.

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