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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Down the Road

I'm so ashamed to say that things have not been going so well. Really badly actually. And I'm pretty upset and disappointed in myself right now. I really don't understand how is it possible, that I was doing so well for 5 months. And then now it's just going so SHITTIFYINGLY(yes, there is no such word). I've gained. And I notice it. It's pretty obvious. I'm bigger.
Today I weighed myself and I am 123.9 lbs (56.3 kg). I feel like crap, trust me. I'm not going to change my CW on the top of my page, cos I believe this is only going to be temporary. I wanna show my progress to people out there. But there really hasn't been any positive progression. Give me a week. Just so I can get back all the "ions" I need. Meaning; inspiration, motivation, determination.
This period has been, and still is, really hard. But If I can overcome this major setback. I'm so sure that reaching my ultimate goal will be easy.

Does anyone believe in me, that I can do it?

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