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Monday, May 16, 2011

I want a Korean body.

I am not crazy about "Kpop-ness". But I'm sure I'm not the only to notice how TINY Koreans.. well, most Koreans are. I have a few Korean friends, I guess I could say, when I do eat with them.. most of the time, they do make weird interesting choices of food. Like those lotus soup, ginseng chicken, or something like that. Hahahah. And I noticed, they eat soooooooooooooooo slow. Like omg slow. And just when they are half way through their meal, they claim they are full. In my mind I'm just thinking 'You gotta be kidding me'. I just find it unbelievable. Or maybe I'm just a greedy pig. I notice that they are pretty healthy conscious, and are very bright and knowledgeable.

Few years back I watched a Korean drama. Goong/Princess Hours. Song Ji Hyo, plays as a ballerina there. I've always envied her body! (Actually I envy almost every Korean girl's body)

Name: 송지효 / Song Ji Hyo
Real name: 천성임 / Chun Sung Im (Cheon Seong Im)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1981-Aug-15
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg

Kinda found a lot of Korean height and weight stats, and the thing that bothers me a lot is that, they are always taller than me, and yet way lighter than me. I know that we can't compare bodies, but seriously. Some of them are like 10cm taller than me, and yet 10kg lighter than me. Wow, I don't wanna be standing next to any of them. Oh wait, I always do. Cause we attend the same school course. Thanks alot skinny taiwans and koreans! ( I actually do love you guys)


  1. you know what
    never believe celebrities height and weight
    especially height
    its common at most of any place of world for celebrity especially actor and singer to fake-out their height and weight
    all for several or obvious reason
    i remembered an interview with korean artist said atleast to minus 2 inch of the 'fake' height to get know the celebrities height
    Also,especially at korea(i'm not sure this) it is common for them to wear additional heel soles under shoes to make them look taller than before..even male celebrities done this
    also,i heard some of them even measure the height while wearing shoes...dont forget female had kind of shoes that very thick and high heels type of shoes

    some of girls or person looks tall,perhaps by their build or the clothing(i had experience on this with my friend) but when standing side by side,they are not very tall at all...also dont forget camera shooting technique

    if you watch runnning man,you might realize song jihyo might not be too tall at all..not saying she is not tall ofcourse...

    1. also..dont forget posing technique to make someone look taller had long leg,look sexy,feminine or to cover broad shoulder that take advantage of dress and heels plus with camera photoshot technique

      especially for photoshoot..its common for models