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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Everything's been going great. Suddenly I start feeling the excitement again as I start to get back on track and see progress again! I'M BACK BABY. hehe.

Especially when I went out with my bro and his friends ytd. Yeah I heard from people that normally brothers don't want their younger sisters to join em, but my bro is really sweet:) Yes, he is like the normal brothers who can be really mean, but he really has his extreme sweet and caring moments, although I still feel that he loves his computer more than me. :/
Out of point. Okay what I mean is I saw his friend. WHICH I SWEAR was so much heavier back then, and now he is. Yeah. He looks great within such a short time. Although he insist he hasn't been eating well. I guess it's because of a girl he fancies.
I feel a little upset, that a guy's progress is so much faster than mine when I am trying so so hard! But yet again gives me great motivation. If he can do it, so can I !!

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