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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1 @56.4kg/ 124.1lbs

9.30am- Banana (105), Soy protein shake (103), 2 grapes (8), 1/10 apple (8)
Breakfast = 224kcal

1pm- Soft shell crab salad, Gongcha Alisan Milk Tea no sugar.
I really don't know how many calories this comes up to, since it's not stated. But I'm going to estimate 350 for the salad, since there is soft shell crab. And 100 for the milk tea.
Lunch= 450.

Calories thus far= 674.
The time is 2.45pm here now.
I went to the supermart, and bought lots of good food! Like brinjal, eggplant, celery, seaweed, blueberries. I found some organic whole grain rice milk thingy, so I decided to try it. I'm so glad I could resist the tempation of buying poptarts, chocolate, and cookies.

I can feel my period coming. Having aches all over my body. Which is pretty bad. I'm still going to workout. Of course.

3pm- 12 almonds (84) , 24 small seaweed packs(40).
The seaweed pack, says that there is no Calories, or fat, or whatsoever. But, I don't trust it. So Going give it 10kcal for each roll of 6.
Snack = 124kcal
Thus far= 798kcal


7pm- Grapes (50), 1/5 apple (35)
7.45pm- Small Brinjal eggplant (70), with vegetarian sauce (52), celery (10), boiled egg (90) , pumpkin (30), whole grain rice milk (150)
Dinner= 487kcal

Thus far= 1285kcal

I did good so far. So damn proud of myself!
At 12am in the morning I actually did HIIT, planks and some other core exercises, also did bench press, and some other weight lifting exercises. I actually consider it under yesterday, not today. So I will be doing another workout before I sleep tonight. I have a very bad habit of working out pass midnight :( It was one of the main reasons why I skipped a lot of school. It is because of my running at 1am in the morning, made me unable to wake up for school the next day. Some times people think I'm lazy for school, but actually, it's just that my priorities are set differently. I gotta learn to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. This few nights, I have been sleeping at 7am, 6am, 4am, 3am the earliest. I shall say it's because my period is coming? That leaves me very uncomfortable. I haven't been having a lot of sleep. And one of the rules of losing weight, is to have sufficient sleep. So this bad habit, must be taken care of.
Sorry, I know I talk too much.

930- Whole grain rice milk (150), seaweed (10kcal)
Snack= 160kcal

// Edit

11.30pm- whole grain rice 80, 10 almonds (70)
Supper= 150kcal

End of intake for today= 1590kcal
So afraid, of underestimating my calorie intake, so my estimation for certain food may have been a little higher. Better safe then sorry, you know.

Hoping to burn tons of calories in my workout later! :) Although I'm tired. Hehe.

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  1. I hope you got help to see that you don't need to be 44kg.