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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Had enough

Sunday is Back to Fasting and completing my water fast. I think I have enough SHIT food. I know gorging/ binging on Ben and Jerry's and all that doesn't sound like a great idea. Maybe it isn't that great of idea. But I think I ate so much of all this junk, that I am sick of it, and I'm not gonna crave for it during this fast anymore. I probably should have stuck to fruits and juices during the break, but I didn't, maybe I do regret a little. But no more thinking about that. Cause it's fasting time again.

I did realised, I got lethargic and lazy when I started eating. I think the pass 2 and a half days I ate about about 7000 kcals. I know omfg. I'm shocked I didn't gain all the weight back. But I did gain back 1.2kg (2.6lbs) , not that much big a deal about it. Considering I fasted for a week, and then suddenly gorging on SHIT all day long. Anyway guys, if you all are fasting- please don't do the same thing I did! If I could, I would have stuck to fruits and veges and juices during my fasting-break, and then I probably wouldn't even have gained back.

Anyway you know what? I learnt my lesson. And I definitely see a difference of how my body react to unhealthy foods, and during the fast. When I started eating, I wasn't as alert. My friends said, they like me more when I was fasting, cos I was so jumpy and alert and smiley! (minus a little moodswings on the last day)

Can't wait to eat healthy on the next break!

All the best guys!
( I know I sound freaky positive in this post again)

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