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Monday, June 18, 2012

Before and After / Weight loss

This two people really lost a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of weight! Really amazing weight loss! Great inspiration!


  1. are you mad? these girls have eating disorders and are clearly very unwell. you need to understand that to be under weight is as unhealthy as to be over weight, and loosing weight will not make your life any better, you may think it will but it really isnt the bee all and end all trust me, be happy in your own skin im sure ur fine just the way you are. you should not promote extreme dieting.

  2. I admire them because they have lost an extreme amount of weight, which is probably accompanied by discipline and perseverance. I do not link them to eating disorders. And by the way, the girl in the second picture- I have followed her for a while, she gives very good advices on what to eat, healthy recipes, workouts, and helps people who are trying to get out of anorexia. Just to let you know, you are wrong, being underweight can be healthy and being overweight can be healthy, if you are referring to the BMI index as a guideline, it is only a rough gauge. And you are wrong again, loosing weight have made many lives better. Many people become more confident and become more outspoken and adventurous after weight loss, helping them live life to the fullest. Although I do understand where you are coming from.

    Also you have to understand that I am an Asian living in an asian country. Sizes are very different here, so is our diet and culture.

    I do not promote extreme dieting or any eating disorders. Maybe the pictures I have chosen may not have been the best choices, and for that I apologise. But I did not choose pictures of lindsay lohan/ marylate olsen/ nicole richie, because I know their weight loss did not come from some where healthy(anorexia/ bulimia).

    I think my blog is already very relaxed compared to other blogs who 'scrutinize every bit of fat on some chubby beings and love all the bones sticking out on skeleton girls'. My intakes mentioned has never been extreme either. However I do appreciate your concern:) But if you do not like the way I handle my blog, than just please step aside from now on. I honestly feel my blog is fine 0.0

    Thank youu

    (Wow that was one long defensive comment. Hahah.)

  3. No. They clearly have developed eating disorders. It is not okay to praise this.

    1. They did not state, I do not assume. Majority of the people I know are very slim, similar to them, maybe thinner, but yes we're asians. They do not have eating disorders.

  4. um the girl in the first pic is felice fawn and she is a recovering anorexic jsyk.......