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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Current Eye Candies

Amber Heard- I mean she is a definitely eye candy to many people with her stunning face and slim body! A plus point that she was once heavier and is discipline and goal oriented. She has this sex appeal about her, she doesn't even need to try to be sexy!

Jessica Alba- She is already known for her amazing fit and sexy body, she is a classic of model proportions, I'm sure many people want her bod. Although I kind of lost interest in her though. She is only a small percent of her "Honey"days.

Megan Fox- Duh. Although I was never particularly attracted to her, you can't deny what a looker she is, and skinny or curvy.. she looks good.

Candice Swanepoel- Her crazy waist to hip ratio and low body fat percentage

Doutzen Kroes- HELLO? AMAZING BODY. CUTE FACE. HELLO?? Total fitspiration, plus she has kids and has a waaaay betther body then 99% of the world. well IMO.

Kaya Scodelario- She can be hot hot hot bad girl effy, and yet her down to earth girl next door vibe in her normal days as self. Her face is stunning!

Kathryn Prescott- That fair skin? And slim body! She's a charmer.

Gillian Zinser- Total fit surfer chick, with her tomboy hippie act. And her fashion sense? Crazy hot.

Sarah Hyland- Super young looking for her age, and very well put together.

Kristen Kreuk- She's already 30 and she is just getting fitter and fitter! Have u caught her in Beauty and the Beast yet? Great acting too! Her stunnnnnniiingg face and sophisticated beauty!

Brittany Robertson- fell in love with her when watching Life Unexpected. There's just something very attractive about her. And her casual messy hair? LOVE.

Meaghan martin- Didn't really liked her when i saw her appear in other shows, but recently just decided to give 'mean girls 2' a go. And damn, love her as a total tomboy and her whatever vibe. ( the acting not so much though, the rest of the movie was kind of a pain to watch.)

Im totally crushing on wayyyy too many people now so I actually can't seem to end this list. HAHAH.

I haven't slept in 5 days.

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