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Age: 21 going on 22

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Breakfast: Banana(105), 1/2 Apple(40), 15grapes(60), Protein shake(100) = 305kcal
Lunch: 6 Almonds(42), Oats (120), Dried blueberries(70), coffee with mate(40)= 272kcal
Snack1: Egg(100), 1/2 tomato(25), 1/2 onion(25), celery(10), olive oil(40)= 150kcal
Snack2: Banana(70), Protein shake(100)= 170kcal
Snack3: 4almonds(28), 1/2 apple(40)= 68kcal
Dinner: Dice potato(60) with pepper chicken pieces(80), spinach(20) with mushroom(30) and scallop(30), and 2 slices of tomato(10). ( I am not sure how to calculate this, so this is just my own gauge. Correct me if you think your more accurate please.) = 230
Snack4: Eggplant(132), celery(10), Sambal chilli(40)= 182
Snack5: Coffee with mate(40), 15 almonds(105kcal)= 145
Snack6: Protein shake(100)= 100
Total calories consumed= 1622

I just realized, I eat way too many meals a day. And my aim was actually 1200kcal. Hopefully I will burn 500kcal during workout later.

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