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HW: 137lbs | LW: 114lbs | CW(Jan 29 2014): 120lbs | GW1: 110lbs | GW2: 99lbs
Height: 5' 4"
Age: 21 going on 22

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wanna explain briefly what my progress has been like. I've been wanting to lose weight since I was 14. But I just got fatter and fatter. I reached my highest of 137lbs at 16. It came to a point where I wouldn't ever leave my house. I got really desperate and my eating habits turned haywire, but I still managed to lose a bit. So I only began exercising last year. Things were going pretty well at first...This is a before and after picture of about a month of exercising. I gained a little confidence seeing some slight progress. I was happy to even see progress. But when school started to get really crazy, I stopped exercising completely for 4 whole months. And then I felt totally disgusting! So I decided to resume exercising during the holidays- which was extremely difficult to get started again. That was last year November. It wasn't extremely regular, but more or less, I did exercise at least a few times a week, until today. I kinda been going easy on myself. So I've been thinking to push myself further, especially with the creation of this blog. I really hope to gain some support! PLEASE.


  1. No one comments on this because you are already extremely thin. Please learn to love yourself.

  2. I am not extremely thin. Do u see bones protruding, no. I'm learning to love myself more each day. We come from different cultures, our views are different.