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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Screw the crave!

I had been craving for carbo, like Bread, bun, kind of carbo, since the afternoon. I'm so glad, I manage to push it off:) After all the eating. Time to rest my body for about an hour or two. Then it's time for some intense workout today:)

Because I've been feeling very ugly, for the past days, ever since I went from 119 to 124. Which I really have no idea how it happened? I ate bread everyday, and tarts, and everything unhealthy , yes I didn't workout.. But, I measured and observed myself everyday. But one day it was just like, BOOM FIVE POUNDS UP. How the fuck did that happen?
But instead of beating myself up about it, as well do something about it. ( and of course don't let it happen again.) It's hard to feel beautiful when this happens, but, that's just how it is.

Thinking of posting a pic of my weight gain, to see the before and after 28 days. Hm, maybe.

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