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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 2 @56.4kg/ 124.1lbs

So my weight didn't change. I pray to God, that it's just water weight. And that my period would just come already!

11am- Milk (80), 16 Almonds (112), grapes (50), 1/2 apple( 35), seaweed (10)
Breakfast = 287

I'm still having aches all around my body. Not muscle aches though.


My constant eating, I can't exactly account for.

eggplant (250), egg(100), Whey Protein shake (210), Almonds (350), Apple(75), 1/2 apple (40), seaweed (100), Subway tuna sandwhich(530), Coffee with mate (40), Mark and Spencer candy (330), soy protein shake (103)

Total 2415kcal

so if it wasn't for the candy and the sandwhich, I would be down 1555. So maybe my weakness is that I don't know how to turn down food from people :(

My Brother bought for me the sub. So I ate it. I wasn't that hungry. But I ate it. I actually didn't know that the subway tuna sub was THAT unhealthy. Until I checked up on it, and found out it was a whopping 530kcal. How the hell? I mean isn't tuna healthy? Gawd.

And that candy was like this:
(While television time)
Daddy: Come , take take. Eat more. Your favorite. Eat more!
Me: Oh okay. *picks one and throw into my mouth* *takes the packet, and pick up another 5 more* *open an un-opened packet from the table, took another 3* -Until I saw that it was 58kcal per gummy.

I don't really have a excuse for my lack of self-discipline. And I skipped night class today. Cause I'm facing the fatigue. Damn you period!

I didn't really think I ate that much today. UNTIL NOW, where I actually calculated it. I feel like such a fat blob. Can this tough down period just end already?

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