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Saturday, May 14, 2011

In my mind about 28 days program

What I actually want to create, is a constructive plan, that is intensive. Because I do realise, I've been letting myself go easy. It is NOT the time to go easy on myself. It would be nice to have a personal trainer, but I'm not that privileged, and puh-lease, I'm not going to spend $1000 per hour for some muscle dude to scream at me( as desperate as I am ).

For the next 28 days. I'm going to be strict, and push myself far more than I have ever did.

I aim to lose minimum 10lbs, by the end of this 28 days. Saying so, that means it would be 2.5lbs weight loss per week. (which is nothing compared to 'the biggest loser', or 'I used to be fat')

I plan to do more Cardio. Which isn't really my favorite thing to do. But I will make myself love it if I have to.

Wish me luck.

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