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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 3 @56.1kg/ 123.4lbs

Lost a tinsy bit. But every tinsy bit counts. So I am glad. If everyday I would to lose this bit. The number at the end of the month would be great and satisfying :)

12noon- 1/2apple (40), grapes (50), Soy protein shake (95), seaweed (10), 15 almonds (105)
Breakfast= 300kcal

I'm sure yesterday's intake, was a lot, and maybe even some unaccounted for. But I guess the constant eating boosted my metabolic rate. And the excessive eating of seaweed, didn't do much harm- maybe its true that it holds no calories? Maybe.

What I've been doing when I'm hungry or feel like munching- I've been taking almonds, and wrapping them up, rolling them up with seaweed, and then I pop in to my mouth. Hehehe. It's such a satisfying snack. And actually quite filling! I know, almonds are high in fat, and quite high for 7kcal for an almond. But trust me, that 7kcal will make you ignore that muffin, or that bread, or that cake:)

My nose is better. Period, still not here.

2.30pm- one eggwhite(17), one full egg scrambled(100), olive oil (30), Eggplant (50), 10 almonds (70), seaweed(10)
Lunch= 277kcal

Thus far= 577kcal


4.30pm- 30 almonds(210), banana (90), Coffee with mate (40), seaweed (20), 1/2 apple(40), grapes(50)Snack= 450kcal
6.45pm- Grilled eggplant(70), sauce (50), Soup with cabbage and carrot (70)
Dinner= 190kcal

7.30pm- seaweed(10)

Thus far=

:) I'm happy with my intake.

8pm- Blueberries (83)
8.45pm- Organic hazlenut coffee (93)

End of the day= 1403kcal

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  1. You may need to talk to somebody about possible body dismorphia and or eating issues